Adwords Match Type Trump

Adwords Match TypesAn important point to remember when organizing your Ad Groups is that the Match types for a specific keyword will trump each other in this order:

[exact match] will trump

“phrase match”  which will trump

+broad +match or

broad match

So – as an example – suppose you have the following keywords, bids, quality score, and Ad Rank:

[red shoes on sale]

Bid: $1.60

QS:  8

Ad Rank = 12.8


“shoes on sale”

Bid: $1.50

QS: 9

Ad Rank = 13.5


+shoes +sale  – or – shoes sale

Bid: $1.20

QS:  5

Ad Rank = 6


So if someone were to search the query:  red shoes on sale – you would expect your phrase match keyword to show since its ad rank is 13.5 which beats out your other keywords that also match that query – but that is not the case, since the Exact Match will always trump phrase match.  So your Exact Match keyword will be triggered, and it is very possible that your ad will show lower for that particular query, than it would if you were not bidding on the exact match.  The reason Google has this “trumping” aspect on match types is to give greater control to the advertiser.  So it is very important to remember when you have overlapping keywords, as in this example – your exact match keyword will always be triggered for that exact query.   This particular feature can also cause problems for you if you aren’t careful – which we’ll cover in our next post.