Copy/Paste in Adwords – Finally!

Copy PasteToday I saw a little announcement when logging in to one of the accounts we manage which is really a BIG improvement for Adwords.   Finally you can copy or paste Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords or Ads from within the Adwords Interface.  In the early days of Adwords you had to ask your account rep to duplicate a Campaign for you – then finally you could copy & paste from the Adwords Editor.  But now, at long last, this function is available from within the Adwords interface.  Here’s a simple Step by Step:

1.  Click the check box next to the Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword or Ad that you wish to copy or paste

2.  Click the “Edit” button

3.  Choose Copy or Paste

— Or you can use “Ctrl-C” or “Ctrl-V”