Grant Renewal Deadline

Google for NonprofitsJust a friendly reminder to all Google Grantees that you should have received an emailed invitation to submit your Google Grant Renewal Form. There is a 3 week window from the date that you receive your email to submit your renewal. We found that the instructions weren’t super clear on where to find the form, so just to make it simpler:

First: Follow the link in the email for “Renewal FAQs and Forms”

Next: Click on the link for your Country, which is at the top of the FAQ page

Next: You will be taken to the form to fill out for your country. For the US Form you will need to supply:

  • Name of Organization
  • Website URL
  • Adwords Account Number
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email address
  • Nonprofit Status Verification (EIN #)

Finally: Once you have submitted your form, you will see a Thank You Page that states:

“Thank you for submitting your renewal form for Google Grants.We will reviewing organizations on a rolling basis. As we have many Google Grants accounts to review, you may not receive your notification decision for several weeks.Please do not email to inquire about the status of your renewal as this will delay the process. In the meantime, your Google Grants account will remain active and running.Please visit our FAQs for more information on the renewal policy:”

We had hoped that there would be a confirmation email sent to our email address – but that is not the case. So, if you are taken to the Thank You page, you can assume that your application was received.