More Benefit from your Grant

Using Your Google GrantThe main “problem” with Google Grant Adwords accounts is that the clicks are free. I know that seems to be a contrarian statement, but it’s true. We don’t tend to value things that are free, and as a result I’ve seen that nonprofits tend to just “set it and forget it” once they have their Grant Accounts up and running. Google requires Grant accounts to be actively managed or the account will be closed. But besides fulfilling the requirement for active account management, nonprofits are missing a great opportunity if they don’t use their Grant Account to full advantage.

Google has reported that on average Grantees use only $300 per month of their $10,000 monthly grant. That’s a sad statistic when there are so many ways that nonprofits can use their Grant account and get tremendous benefit for their organization. I like to think of a Google grant in these terms: Imagine that a donor deposits $10,000 into your nonprofit’s bank account on the first of the month and you can spend it all during that month. But if there is any money left over at the end of the month, then it disappears. You get a new $10,000 for the next month of course – but if you are only using $300 of that $10,000 grant amount that seems like such a waste. I’m sure any nonprofit who were to receive $10,000 cash each month with the condition that it be spent during that month would figure out plenty of ways to spend those funds for their charitable purpose.

So, how can a nonprofit best use their Google Adwords Grant? Here are some tips:

  • Use your Google Grant for branding for your nonprofit.
  • Target more programs by building out adgroups specifically themed for those programs.
  • When you have job opportunities, use your Grant account to advertize the position(s)
  • Use broad match keywords as a way to discover new keywords that are appropriate and beneficial to your goals.
  • Check the “Opportunities” tab often to find suggestions from Google to increase your clicks.
  • Make sure you have your language settings correctly implemented so you are reaching your total potential target population. For example, if you serve Hispanics make sure you have Spanish and English as target languages.
  • Use ad extensions including site links, location extensions, call extensions – these all increase clickthrough rate and conversions.

Remember – you have one month to spend your $10,000!